Front Row Si
Front Row Si

Front Row Si

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Front-Row Si utilizes a combination of the most available mono- and di- silicic acids fortified with micronutrients, coupled with a cutting-edge proprietary stabilizing agent 

Front-Row Si's formulation uniquely rectifies precipitate issues with a proprietary technology that stabilizes mono- & di- silicic acid allowing for the delivery of unmatched concentrations. The stabilization elements are fully metabolized by the plant without issue and leave zero residues.

Front-Row Si maximizes solubility with uniquely chelated iron that balances silicic acids to reduce risk of precipitates

Front-Row Si is uniquely capable of being foliar fed, utilizing the plants’ stomata to absorb more silica. In test results we see increase absorption through the use of foliar feeding.

#1 FAQ: Potassium Silicate vs Silicic Acid: 

One of the main reasons Potassium Silicate is inferior to Monosilicic Acid is because the longest flowering strains in our crop cycle do not provide enough elapsed time for the Potassium Silicate to be made bioavailable to the plant by the specific bacteria responsible for conversion. There just isn't enough time. Furthermore, gardeners using sterile media, like coco, rockwool, and peat moss must purchase specific bacteria additives to achieve any amount of success by the end of flower, and these additives are expensive. Gardeners running soil, which already is teaming with microbes, does not guarantee the specific bacteria needed is present in sufficient quantity to make the Potassium Silicate bioavailable, and furthermore, the additive bacteria will then have to compete against the present microbe load within the soil. This further reduces the probability the Potassium Silicate ever provides a value. Lastly, and most importantly, Potassium Silicate ( K2SiO3 ) is a salt form of Silicic Acid ( H4SiO4 ) - By using Silicic Acid based products, like Front-Row Si, you are providing the most purified, bioavailable form of Silicic Acid to the plant and not to mention we are on average 7x the strength delivering 10% Monosilicic Acid.

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